Vintage fountain pens and pencils have been major collectible items
by an ever increasing amount of collectors since the late 1980’s.
One of the most desirable brands is Montblanc; the prestigious German
company based in Hamburg since 1908.

To date it has been a well kept secret that from 1933 until 1964 Montblanc
pens and pencils were also produced in Denmark. Little information had been
available as to what initiated production in Denmark, the range of models
and who made them.

 Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992 – The Untold Story describes the history of
Montblanc in Denmark with focus on fountain pens and pencils produced in Denmark
and on the history of the company Alfred Th. Øberg, which was behind import, manufacture
and marketing in this country.

To understand the pen market in Denmark and the position of Montblanc
in the hierarchy of pen brands, a short account of the major Danish
fountain pen companies and competitor brands is included.

montblanc in denmark